Frequently Asked Questions

Where is This Study Portal Located?

We don't have any physical place where we teach students.This is an online Study Portal, you can Study or read online anywhere in our YouTube channel and in our website. We Provide everything that a student needs, because nowadays it is the concept of E-learning, so we came up with Zakir Ayoub's Study Portal.The head office of this Study Portal is in PULWAMA, JAMMU AND KASHMIR and the founder of it is Zakir Ayoub.

Why it is Named Zakir Ayoub's Study Portal?

It is named after Zakir Ayoub since he founded it in April-2020.It belongs to the Zakir Ayoub that is why it is called Zakir Ayoub's Study Portal.

Why should we register in this Study Poral?

If you are a student then you should register in our Study Portal. Because whatever a student needs in today's competitive world our Study Portal provides that absolutely for free.You should go to about us page and then you will know more about us.

How much it cost for a Student to get Registered?

Registration is absolutely free, no one will charge you, you do not have to pay any cost.Our Study Portal does not charge a single penny from a student. It does not earn any profit from Students.

Is this Study Portal really free of cost?

Yes, it is absolutely free, no one will charge you, you do not have to pay anything. All you have to do is read and study.

Why I was not certified , although I came first in the quiz competition?

You will not be certified if you are not registered in our Study Portal.Although if you have taken first position in the quiz competition, but if you are not in our Study Portal then you will not be Certified at any cost. Read more at CTC's certificate terms and conditions

Why am I not allowed in the discussion room?

You will not be allowed in the discussion room until you are registered because the Discussion Room is password protected.First you register yourself and then you will get the password. Read more at DTC's Discussion Room Terms and Conditions.

How will we benefit from this Study Portal?

If you are a student then you will get a lot of benefit from this Study Portal.On this you will get free study material, important questions, Guess papers, Discussion Room, Reading Room and video lecturers, everything for free. Read more at About Us page.

Why does it ask for phone number and whatsapp number?

You have to give your phone number or whatsapp number so that You can be added to our WhatsApp group or Telegram Channel.And we need a phone number to contact you.

Who is the founder of this Study Portal?

You probably haven't read our About us Page. Zakir Ayoub is the founder of this Study Portal.He has founded this Study Portal in April 2020 Read more at About Us page.

In which year was this Study Portal made?

Zakir Ayoub's Study Portal was founded on April 2020.

Can we get study material for JKSSB exam ?

Yes, why not? For all the competitive exams, you will find the study material here.

Will we get the notes and syllabus of the 10th 11th and 12th Classes?

Yes! you can get. Here you will get Study Materials/Notes, Guess Papers, Modal and Sample papers, Important Questions, Previous Papers,etc for all Classes. Read more at About Us page.

Can we Ask Questions related to Study?

Yes! you can ask question related to study but if you are Registered in our Study Portal

How does this Study Portal make money?

However our Study Portal does not make any profit from students.But still we make money from the Adsense we put on the website.

Does this Study Portal have a youtube channel?

Yes we have a YouTube channel named as Zakir Ayoub's Study Portal, you can go and see the video lectures in it.In this Channel we upload video lecturers for all classes.

What do we get from your YouTube channel?

In our YouTube channel, we provide video lecturers.You will get a better understanding from the video Lectures. We upload Video lectures for all classes.

Can we send you study material or some information that you can post in the website?

Yes you can send, you have to register yourself first. You can send anything related to study. You go and register in our Study Portal and you will be added to a group where you can send anything related to study.

Does this Study Portal have a reading room?

Yes our Study Portal has a reading room. There is a lot in the reading room that you can go and read.

Can we get study tips in it?

Yes! Why not because our main motive is to provide knowledge about all affairs that we need in day to day life.

Does this also provide news?

Yes, we also provide news. Such as Indian News, JandK News and World News. Register to Get Daily News and Updates.

Can we find guess papers, model and sample papers or previous papers in it?

Yes! You will get everything like Guess Papers, Modal and Sample papers, Important Questions, Previous Papers,etc for all Classes. Read more at About us Page.

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